Lighting the Beacon

As a vampire, you are astute, able to ‘read’ others, and adept at solving puzzles, recognizing patterns, and a keen observer. You are gifted, opinionated, and forceful. You are probably also conceptual, artistic, and passionate.

You are most likely highly educated, whether you are institutionally-trained or curiosity has led you to self-teach yourself to a level on par with a college graduate. In the age of unlimited access to the internet, there is no excuse. Your vampire mind will lead you to a finer education.

You are also able to draw other vampires to you like a moth to a flame.

Sometimes, we call this ability to draw others to us the ‘beacon’.

Strange fictions have mischaracterized what that means, persuading us to believe that the beacon is an inherent ability to simply shine. It is not a vague and insubstantial ability to glow in the dark. A beacon is cast and you cannot cast a beacon unless you consciously light it. It isn’t enough to dream: in order to light the beacon you must create. Only when you consolidate the energy inside you into something visible and tangible can you hope to be seen.

Vampires are more than energy manipulators – we are able to manifest that energy into an idea and transform that idea into action: rally a cause, formulate our magnus opus, create something from nothing. We are creators and the original alchemists. And that god-like ability to create – more than any vague energetic cloud or preternatural dazzle – is what allows us to affect the world and what attracts us to each other like sharks who have caught the scent of blood in the water.

A vampire survives by creating, evolving, mastering his life and the world around him. Innovation runs through our veins: Not only can we light the beacon – we must.

Most of you already know what gifts you possess and have felt the fire of the beacon in your blood. Most of us wield it naturally. Few as we are, most of us are already applying these gifts in the world – in business and related entrepreneurial factions, in writing, fine arts, leading-edge science, entertainment, or other creative pursuits. It goes without saying that some of the greatest creative forces of nature in the world right now are our own brothers and sisters – applying their vampiric gifts to the broader outside world where vampirism is only a myth. Only a few of us ever focus our gaze on the narrow field of vampire culture or worse – ‘online vampire culture’.

And yet – some of you are doing just that. Squandering your gifts in the OVC – the killing fields of true vampirism – despairing at the lack of response to your vision. Wilting away in the vacuum, wondering where the others like you are, or why they aren’t answering your beacon, resonating with your message.

Well, the answer to that is simple: You’re wasting your beacon. You’re emitting light into a swamp. The problem isn’t you – the problem is your environment. If you are targeting the OVC you are probably speaking to – or shouting at – a mob that will never resonate with your message for one important reason: they aren’t vampires.

To light the beacon you must:

Get out of the OVC.
Build your own platform – business, project, blog, book, website, whatever sings in your veins – outside of the OVC.
Control your energy. Manifest your vision tangibly. Radiate its existence outward into the wider world.
We will find you.

Once you’ve lit the beacon others will gravitate towards you. Be prepared for non-vampires to collect and wear your words like plastic fangs or colored lenses – an empty costume of validation. Be prepared for tone-deaf sycophants who only want to feed on the energy you’ve created. Be prepared for jealousy and sabotage. Be prepared for hate.

Most of all, be prepared to ignore it all – flattery and enmity alike – and carry on with focused purpose.


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