Vampire courts are repulsive and it’s no longer about the roleplay

Hello again. It’s been a minute.

Let’s cut to the chase. There is cancer festering in the heart of the self-identified vampire community.

Once upon a time vampires used to look down on cosplayer courts for their inability to separate reality from fiction, misrepresenting vampires to the mundane masses, and exploiting vampirism for personal (and often financial) gain.

Most of us adopted a healthy live-and-let-live policy. We’d grumble, write a few words railing against the ridiculousness of cosplayers and their courts, but leave it there. After all, we’d say, vampirism doesn’t mean what it used to. Anyone can call themselves a vampire these days. And what real harm was really being done if a few deluded mundanes wanted to put on a toy crown and plastic fangs every now and then to live out their magical fantasies of being royal and important?

These weren’t inconsequential problems back then – especially to those already struggling with their own transformation – but they weren’t the end of the world either. They were quaint problems, issues for a kinder and easier time. Some even argued that the debate was good for the community, that it encouraged new ideas and alliances to grow. And people were, for the most part, still decent to one another.

Flash forward to 2018. Things are different now. The world is different. Vampires are different. Nothing is growing. And decency is in short supply.

Courts have morphed from embarrassing to abusive, consensual BDSM has turned into ongoing allegations of leaders bullying and sexually assaulting their court members, and “charitable organizations” have turned into seething cesspools of corruption and fraud.

Fact: In 2018 it is almost impossible to find a “Vampire King” who hasn’t been accused of assault, rape, emotional abuse, corruption, accepting bribes, slander, stealing intellectual property, or bleeding their followers dry with ‘special edition’ cheap jewelry or fangs. Abusing power and taking advantage of court members isn’t the exception – it’s the new norm.

Even more revolting, it’s many of these same “leaders” that will leap onto their fan pages to virtue-signal for social justice, rave about the importance of believing sexual-assault victims, calling-out predators and bullies – all the while engaging in the same despicable acts behind closed doors.

This isn’t just my opinion. Look for yourself. It’s all there in this glorious age of social media over-sharing. Screenshots of victim after victim sharing their stories – and Kings and Queens slandering every single one of these vulnerable people as crazy, disgruntled liars. (So much for believing the victims!)

Is it any wonder that we’re experiencing a mass exodus of vampires from the “vampire community”?

Is it any wonder why “elders” are being called impotent and have faced such a huge backlash of disrespect?

Is it any wonder why “real vampires” are snickered at and condemned by mundanes the world over?

Newsflash: it’s no longer about the roleplay. It’s about the poor character and abusive behavior of these “monarchs” and the willful blindness of the sycophants who enable them.

So why are we enabling them? Why are other elders in sister courts ignoring the daily mounting evidence of abuse? Still attending their parties? Still encouraging their own court members to attend the parties where these alleged abusers are present and the alleged incidents are happening? Promoting “Unity” with leaders who are repeatedly accused of assault and never held accountable? What kind of leader exposes their tribe to this?

We will never be able to stop exhibitionists from believing their own hype, rewriting history, flashing their trash all over reality shows and cheapening the image of the vampire – nor will we be able to stop the scores of mundanes from joining these courts to validate a fantasy – but that doesn’t mean we’re helpless against blatant evidence of immoral heinous acts.

There has never been more compelling evidence of the sick abusive behavior of these courts and their “Kings”. There has never been a better time for vampires to leave, block, and blacklist both. There has never been a more urgent reason for other elders to get off their knees and cut contact with these diseased entities.

And there has never been more evidence of people’s complete unwillingness to do any of this.

Instead of freezing out these abominations, dozens of “community leaders” and vampires still interact with these bullies and predators, everywhere. And the ones who claim to support and represent the vulnerable (impressionable new vampires! donors! sanguinarians! etc) are some of their biggest fans.

It’s time to ask why. It’s time for leaders to take a good long look at their own inaction and complicity when a victim comes forward and formally accuses a King in their court system of abuse. It is time for vampires throughout the community to hold their own leaders accountable and demand an investigation when their King is accused of being an abuser. It is time for Queens to stop campaigning for assault victims to be believed and respected – while at the same time calling those same victims “batshit” when the accusations are leveled at their own house. It is time for organizations like Unity/Sajhaza and Sabretooth to investigate these claims and not turn a blind eye. And when complaints begin to pile up and a pattern of abuse emerges – as clearly as it has now – it’s time to work together to remove the cancer.

If you want a better community, you have to protect the community you have. The oldest covens knew this and ex-communicated for far less.

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